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Contact information for each department can be found below.

Martin Baker

Vice President of Sales & Marketing
Cell: (215) 450-9605
Email: mbaker@tastybrandsk12.com


John Foster

Northeast Regional Sales Manager
Cell: (609) 284-4801
Email: jfoster@tastybrandsk12.com

Kip Guthrie

South Central Regional Sales Manager
Cell: (210) 347-7483
Email: kguthrie@tastybrandsk12.com

Kristin Dukes

Southeast Regional Sales
Cell: (229) 942-6953
Email: kdukes@tastybrandsk12.com

Sam Dinnis

Western US – North Regional Sales Manager
Cell: (702) 245-0197
Email: sdinnis@tastybrandsk12.com

Frank Marino

North Central Regional Sales Manager
Cell: (216) 403-3321
Email: fmarino@tastybrandsk12.com

Customer Service & Support Staff

Customer Service

Phone: (516) 938-4588
E-mail: cs@tastybrandsk12.com

Ryan Hemby

Samples and Sales Support
Cell: (803) 984-9560
Email: rhemby@tastybrandsk12.com