Tortellini Antipasto Salad


Quick and easy cold antipasto packed with meat, veggies & cheese. It’s the perfect dish to add some extra flavors to your pasta offering.

1 m/ma
1 oz eq grain
¼ cup veg

Nutrtion Facts Per Serving*

Calories 200
Total Fat 8g
Saturated Fat 2g
Sodium 500mg

*This is an approximation of the final nutritional data and will vary based on the actual products you choose to use in the recipe


830WG RTE Four Cheese Tortellini 1 bag (5 lbs)
Red peppers, diced 1 ½ cups
Yellow peppers, diced 1 ½ cups
Green peppers, diced 2 cups
Tomatoes, chopped 2 cups
Scalions, thinly sliced 1 cups
Turkey ham or turkey salami, diced 1 lb
Parmesan cheese, grated or shredded 1 cup
Italian dressing 3 cups


1. Keep tortellini frozen until ready to use in salad
2. Add tortellini to a large bowl and run cool water over them for 5 minuntes
3. Drain off all water leaving defrosted tortellini in a bowl
4. Add remaining ingredients and toss to coat evenly
5. Allow to sit in room temperature for 30 minutes before serving (No longer than 1 hour without refrigeration)
6. Serve cold

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