Due to the pandemic, production on these items has temporarily been suspended. Please contact your regional sales rep with any questions or concerns.

Heat and serve in pail! Enjoy minimal prep time, labor & clean up with our After School Meals. These portable items will simplify your program and boost participation!

All items available commercial or commodity processed (CHEESE NAT AMER FBD BARREL #110242)

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15001 – Sweet Chili Chicken

2 m/ma, 2 oz eq grain, ½ cup veg

  • Sweet and tangy sauce for exciting flavor profile
  • Packaged in familiar container for authentic “takeout” experience

15002 – Chicken Burrito Bowl

2 m/ma, 1 oz eq grain, ½ cup veg

  • Bold flavor inspired by traditional Latin American dishes
  • Fiesta style beans help to provide flavor & an easily recognized taste

15006 – Pancake, Sausage, Potatoes & Cheese Stacker

2 m/ma, 2 oz eq grain, ½ cup veg

  • A twist on a trendy menu item served in restaurants nationally
  • Easy to eat – finger food

15007 – Breakfast Sampler: French Toast, Pancake, Sausage & Potatoes

2 m/ma, 2 oz eq grain, ½ cup veg

  • Breakfast inspired dish featuring all the morning favorites
  • Easy to eat – finger food



2 m/ma, 1 oz eq grain

  • 10172 – TRIOS: Turkey, Cheddar, Cheez-Its®
  • 10176 – TRIOS: Turkey Ham, Cheddar, Cheez-Its®

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