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Individually wrapped sandwiches in gourmet deli packaging.

All items available commercial or commodity processed (110242 500# Barrel Cheddar)

Whole Grain Sandwiches

Thaw & Serve!
Individually Wrapped
Great for Supper, Summer,
Field Trips, Early Release or
Alternative Meals.

  • 70013–Whole Grain Deli Style Chicken,
    Turkey Ham & Two Cheese Wedge Sandwich
  • 70014–Whole Grain Italian Combo Sandwich
    (Cheese, Turkey Ham, Turkey Pepperoni & Turkey Salami)
  • 70015–Whole Grain Deli Style Chicken,
    Turkey Pepperoni & Cheese Sub
  • 70016–Whole Grain Turkey Ham & Two Cheese Sandwich
  • 70018–Whole Grain Turkey Bologna, Turkey Salami & Cheese Sandwich
  • 70019-Whole Grain Turkey & 2 Cheese Wedge
  • 70076–Whole Grain Turkey Ham & Cheese Croissant Sandwich
  • 70513–Whole Grain Turkey Breast, Turkey Ham & Cheese Wedge

Whole Grain Sandwiches