Breaded Chicken Patty on a Honey Wheat Biscuit, WG (IW)


You’ll love this soft, sweet honey wheat bun. Inside, there’s a crispy breaded chicken patty. Each bite offers a delightful blend of sweet, salty, and crispy textures. It’s a perfect, tasty breakfast treat that kids love because it’s fun to eat and tastes so good!

Meat/Meat Alternate (ounce equivalents): 1
Grain (ounce equivalents):  2.5

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Milk, Soy, & Wheat

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PREPARATION – for best results keep frozen until ready to use

From Thawed
1. Convection Oven at 350°F. Set fan speed to HIGH.
2. Thaw sandwich 1 day in advance under refrigeration.
3. Place wrapped sandwiches on a sheet pan and place in preheated oven. DO NOT REMOVE WRAPPERS.
4. Heat sandwich for 10-13 minutes.

Note: cooking equipment, equipment settings, and kitchen conditions will vary so cooking time may need adjusting.

Serving Size (pcs): 1
Servings Per Case: 108
Portion Size (oz): 3.85
Gross Case Weight (lbs): 27.38
Case Dimensions: 16.000"x11.500"x13.750"
Tier x Height: 10x6
UPC: 00810089291592

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