Chicken Sausage Patty & Cheese on a WG Buttermilk Pancake Sandwich, WG (IW)


A golden-brown buttermilk pancake sandwich embracing a flavorful chicken sausage patty and yummy melted cheese. With each bite, you get the hearty taste of savory sausage balanced perfectly with the creamy cheese and the sweetness of the pancake. It’s a delightful combination of textures and flavors making it a delicious Brunch-for-Lunch option.

Meat/Meat Alternate (ounce equivalents): 2
Grain (ounce equivalents):  2

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Egg, Milk, Soy, & Wheat

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PREPARATION – for best results keep frozen until ready to use

From Thawed:
1. Set convection Oven at 350°F. Set fan speed to HIGH.
2. Thaw sandwich 1 day in advance under refrigeration.
3. Place wrapped sandwiches on a sheet pan and place in preheated oven. DO NOT REMOVE WRAPPERS.
4. Heat sandwich for 10-13 minutes.

Note: cooking equipment, equipment settings, and kitchen conditions will vary so thawing time may need adjusting.

Serving Size (pcs): 1
Servings Per Case: 80
Portion Size (oz): 4.90
Gross Case Weight (lbs): 26.25
Case Dimensions: 16.00”x11.50”x13.75”
Tier x Height: 10x6
UPC: 00810089291608

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